Wisconsin Senior Olympics

Wisconsin Senior Olympics

2020 Wisconsin Senior Olympics Registration

We are excited you will be joining us this year ~ Take Charge and Win!

Wisconsin Senior Olympics, Inc. provides Wisconsin's adults 40 years and older the opportunity to maintain and improve their overall fitness and wellness, through recreational, social and competitive events. 


If you would like to register online, an email is required. If you would prefer to register with a paper form, click here to print the form and mail into the office with your payment - an $8.00 paper registration fee is automatically added to paper reigistrations.


Please Note: There are two registration deadlines this year, August 7th and August 24th - it is very important that you register for all of your sports as soon as possible. Sporting events will be canceled if low attendance is trending.


August 7th - Basketball, Bowling, Horseshoes, Pickleball, Tennis, Track & Field

August 24th - Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Cornhole, Dartball, Golf, Lawn Bowling, Racquetball, Softball, Table Tennis, Volleyball


We will not be accepting late registrations. This allows us to be fully prepared for our athletes at the event and to ensure accurate, prompt results reporting.


If you are registering for the 2020 Wisconsin Senior Olympics, please use the right button.

If you would like to update and/or add additional events to your 2020 registration, please click on the left button. You will need your confirmation number from your confirmation email. If you do not have a confirmation number on your email, please use the registration number.

Please read the information below and on the following screen carefully, and in its entirety.

Liability Waiver: (Must be signed by all participants) In consideration of the acceptance of my application for registration in the WISCONSIN SENIOR OLYMPICS, I hereby waive and release for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators any and all rights and claims for injuries, damages and/or losses, to include loss of life, which I may have against the sponsors/ cosponsors and their agents, employees or representatives for any and all activities connected with the WISCONSIN SENIOR OLYMPICS and Waukesha County Parks and Land Use. I warrant and represent that I am in good physical health and condition, and I am physically able to compete in the events I have selected. I know of no physical restrictions whatsoever which would prevent my participation in these events. Please Note: For promotional purposes photographs may be taken of participants.

By clicking through you agree with the above and give permission for the use of your likeness or image to be used for promotional purposes associated with the Wisconsin Senior Olympics.

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Wisconsin Senior Olympics